Uplifting Soy Candle

Uplifting Soy Candle

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Bergamot, Grapefruit and lavender

A blend of warming scents combined together to give a relaxing and indulgent scent. Whether you want to unwind in the bath, relax in your bedroom or set a calming mood in the lounge, the bergamot, and grapefruit fragrance will take you to a comforting place 


A blend of fragrances providing opportunity for revitalization and rebuilding, assisting with the positive flow of vital energy.


Translucent White Tumbler
Silver mirror lid
Gift box wrapped
Vessel can be reused


Size: 8.65cmh x 7.49cmd x 6.9cm Base
Volume: 230ml
Wax Fill: 200mls

Size: 9.82cmh x 8.71cmd x  8.07cm base
Volume: 350ml
Wax Fill: 320mls

Extra Large
Size: 10.9cmh x 9.75cmd x 9.0cm base
Volume: 500ml
Wax Fill: 460mls