Wall Art - Behind the shadows - Lioness

Wall Art - Behind the shadows - Lioness

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Transform your walls into a modern art gallery. This is an original photograph of a female lion in Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary, Kenya. She was hungry and hunting! soon after this picture she had success and caught an impala! She has three young cubs who all joined her for the feast!  

This picture is a limited edition, by photographer Tim Allen-Rowlandson, with only 100 copies available to be printed  or  canvas mounted.  

The print is large  (24 x 36”) and duplicated on high quality photographic paper with a matt finish. 

The canvas mount is also large (24 x 36” and 3.5 cm depth) and has been made using a premium satin canvas, stretched and wrapped around a soft wooden frame. It is easily cleanable with a gentle vacuum or a soft brush.

This would compliment any wall at home!