FREE shipping on orders over $50 Australia wide!


Supreme Boheme is committed to supplying the highest quality, most eco-friendly products possible. Thank you for choosing to stock our products. We look forward to a long and lasting business relationship with you (and who knows, maybe we’ll become friends too!)


We realise that you’re also a small local business so we have kept our minimum to what we think to be a reasonable amount. If you disagree then PLEASE let us know and we can hopefully come to an arrangement. Our minimum order is a total of $150 at wholesale price.


We generally prefer orders to come via email so that we can keep track and ensure that nothing is missed. You can also telephone your orders through if you like on 0420 818 414.


We will include your invoice along with delivery of your order. Payment options are listed on the invoice and we ask that you make payment within 14 days. Supreme Boheme is not subject to charging GST.


More often than not, we’ll have your order sent to you within a week. However, during busy periods (such as wedding seasons, Christmas and Mother’s Day) we may take up to 4 weeks to process your order. We will be very upfront with you throughout the whole process to ensure that everything is crystal-clear and expectations are met.


When you’re order is ready, we’ll notify you via email to arrange a suitable pickup / delivery time. We will happily deliver anywhere within the Perth metro area, but we would also love it if you came to collect your order and see where the magic happens. 


We like our packaging to be as eco-friendly as possible. We’ll happily provide you with our standard brown paper bags if you would ordinarily use plastic.


Given that all of our items are hand-made here in our little studio, and not manufactured in a giant factory, sometimes little mistakes can happen. We quality check all of our products before they leave but if a customer does wish to return a product to you then please let us know. As long as you are happy with the arrangement, we’ll deal directly with the customer to ensure they are looked after, and that they return to you…happy!


The Supreme Boheme logo and any photos of Supreme Boheme products remain the property of Supreme Boheme, however we have absolutely no objections to you using the images for your own website and social media. If you use our images on any social media then please ensure that appropriate credit is given. ie. Hashtagging or tagging on Instagram, Facebook etc