About Us

With a desire to put the soul and the scent back into hand made candles, Supreme Boheme has grown into recognized quality brand. The creativity and vision Sam had for the business is becoming a reality. She is passionate about unique and quality hand made products.She initially  started out with making bespoke candles and has now branched out into promoting photography and art as well as textiles. 

About our candles:

Supreme Boheme candles are designed, assembled and hand poured in Fremantle, Western Australia, using 100% pure soy wax, natural fragrances and essential oils in a range of reusable vessels. While scented candles fragrance your home, they can conjure emotions and memories, too. Each candle is carefully handcrafted to give off beautiful scents which have aroma-therapeutic qualities with the intent to positively influence your mind, body and well being.

We also handle bespoke orders for candles and are able to create unique collections for your special event, whether it's a wedding, hen party, baby shower, birthday - whatever the occasion!


 About our canvas's and photography:

From a very young age Sam spent a lot of time in remote areas of Africa with her family. Her father and her sister are avid photographers and she recalls hours and hours of 'bush time' often late into the evenings! They were always in search of experiences to capture on camera to share with others and build fond memories with. Included here are some very unique and wonderful photo's, with the collection regularly updated. Enjoy!

If you have a specific request for a canvas or print, please contact Sam as her family has an extensive photography library!