Wall Art - Following - Elephants

Wall Art - Following - Elephants

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Transform your walls into a modern art gallery! This is an original print of a family of elephants in Amboseli National Park, Kenya. The group was followed by a large bull heading to a marshy area to feed and re-hydrate! Did you know elephants have the ability to locate water from as far as 60 km away?

This picture is a limited edition, by photographer Tim Allen-Rowlandson, with only 100 copies available to be printed  or  canvas mounted.  

The print is large  (24 x 36”) and duplicated on high quality photographic paper with a matt finish. 

The canvas mount is large (24 x 36” and 3.5 cm depth) and has been made using a premium satin canvas, stretched and wrapped around a soft wooden frame. It is easily cleanable with a gentle vacuum or a soft brush.

This would compliment any wall at home!